Vacation on the Volcano Island

Forester Grimmel Adventure Stories Volume 1

At the end of elementary school, Forester Grimmel fulfills a heart's desire for his daughter Julia. Wolfgang Sickinger, friend and pilot, flies them in his spaceship to a volcanic island south of Taiwan. Along for the ride are Annette, the forester's wife, and Julia's best friend Lena. The squirrels Rebecca and Marie sneak in as stowaways.

They spend a relaxing vacation on the idyllic island. When Julia and Lena do not return from a trip, a desperate search begins. Gradually, the forester, Annette and Wolfgang learn that eerie things are happening on the island and that the volcano is inhabited by strange creatures. After the squirrels track down Julia and Lena, they devise a daring plan. With the help of Firebreath, one of the last fire dragons, they want to get the girls free.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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