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Miramynd is an artificial word, composed of the Spanish mira (look) and the Icelandic mynd (picture). It is an invitation to take a closer look at the pictures on this website.

Water, light, targeted blurring are staged with unusual perspectives. Often it is a combination of light, colors and details that make a moment a lasting impression. Backlighting with superficial contours, glittering surfaces of ice and water or the splendor of colors in autumn inspire the amateur photographers to compose their pictures. Not all of the pictures reveal at first glance which motif is shown. A second - or maybe even a third - look provides clarity. However, a legend may also be necessary for some images in order to recognize the composition. For example, in the picture in which a drop of water on a branch breaks down the light of the sun into the spectral colors. Or the picture in which the detail of a wine glass against a blurred tree background can be seen in the left half. Usually the motifs are not arranged but taken from the situation. In some cases, however, natural phenomena are worked out through arrangements, for example in the case of photos with ice structures or when light is broken down into the spectral colors by a prism.

Let yourself be surprised and interpret the compositions with your own imagination!

Rudolf Wildgruber

Rudolf Wildgruber, born in Munich, grew up in Untergiesing. After graduating as a computer scientist from the Technical University of Munich, he worked in various Munich IT companies as a project manager and product manager. From childhood on he was allowed to take pictures from time to time with his father's Agfa folding camera. He bought his first own camera, a Mamiya SLR 528TL, when he was 17. After long years in which photography was limited to family and vacation travel, the desire to have a wider range of motifs emerged with early retirement. Since 2017, R. W. has been focusing on photography with a focus on nature and macro shots. Water, light and deliberate blurring are staged with unusual perspectives. He finds his motifs mainly in Munich and the surrounding area.

You can also find a selection of his photos in Heise-Verlag's c't Foto-Galerie and on Instagram.

Since October 2020, R.W. opened up a new field of activity. As an author, he publishes books for children from the age of 8 in the "Forester Grimmel Adventure Stories" series. His debut work "Urlaub auf der Vulkaninsel" was published in March 2021. The second volume "Überfall um Mitternacht" followed in March 2022. The books have been translated to English. Copies are available from the author.

Susanne Wildgruber Susanne Wildgruber was also born in Munich. As a hobby photographer she finds interesting motifs on her travels.


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